Rich Piana Chronicles MOVIE CLIP | “I Can Piss Someone Off With Just A Picture”

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WATCH the Rich Piana Chronicles right here:

While it is sad and tragic to acknowledge the passing of Rich Piana at such a young age – it’s also important to celebrate the life he lived. Watch this exclusive clip from the Rich Piana Chronicles – a film that takes a look at four days in the life the popular fitness internet celebrity.

In the last year of his life, Rich Piana was making an effort to focus more on combat sports and training. This clip shows a glimpse of his boxing training and also dives into his take on the hate he would receive on the internet. As he puts it, the hate is more of a compliment because they took the time to react to something he created. Check out the full clip above!

The Rich Piana Chronicles will be available worldwide on Oct. 19, 2018!

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